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 “Hi Mark, Your cd is amazing! I was driving 300 miles today, and I brought it along with me and listened several times. There are so many great songs, it would be hard to pick a favorite, your voice sounds so warm and beautiful, and you are such a great mandolin player, in addition to be a fine songwriter and guitar player too! Awesome!! Thank you so much.” Deena Shoskes - Facebook 

Truly Great Album.

I bought this album a week ago, and I already know the songs by heart. Not only does Mark Denny Preston do it all, he does it all well. He's a great singer, great musician, and great songwriter. Each track on Dodgin' Bullets was written or co-written by Preston. The album's acoustic arrangements really put Preston and his songs on showcase. There's no hiding behind flashy electric guitar solos or big string arrangements. These tunes are good enough that they don't need to rely on slick production values. All that's here is picking, singing, and storytelling...the way it ought to be; this album puts it all out there right on the line. It's a crime that this guy isn't a big star on the radio, but as a music lover, I'm just glad to have found the album

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  I started my musical training an early age without even realizing it, but listening to my Father, Uncles and other members of the Preston Family during family jam sessions kept fueling a hidden desire.  I can still remember how bad I wanted to participate but didn't know how.

  It was clear from the moment I actually got my first guitar and learned a few chords that music was part of who I am. It's literally been a Friend through the years that helps me get through the hard times and celebrate the good. Likened to the Air that I breathe, I can't imagine it being taken away.

  Not too many years later I realized how writing and composing a song I'd never heard was far more rewarding for me than learning one of my favorite songs on the Radio.

  Since then songwriting has been a passion and has actually opened doors to the Music World I would never have discovered otherwise. It continues to be to this day!

   I am a BMI registered Music Publisher and offer my services to help get music placed.

   I run a small Pro Tools studio and cater especially to Singer-Songwriters. I also partner with a Highly Skilled Vocal producer to assist aspiring artists get the best vocal on a recording.

   I also market Quality used Pianos and other instruments out of my studio. For more information about these services:


Things of Interest

Songwriting has introduced me to so many talented folks from literally all around this Country! Guys like David L. Graham and Tommy Southard of Tennessee have been extremely instrumental in my career as a writer. Collaboration not only contributes to a better song in many cases but can make the process more enjoyable.


   Live performances of my Original Music can range from an intimate solo Acoustic performance to a small acoustic ensemble.

   As a side project where I can let my "hair down" and cut loose with a 3 piece Blues/R&B group I'm 1/3rd of a group called  "Larry, Daryl and Daryl" consisting of Larry Jacobs on Bass, Buddy Daniel on Drums and myself on Lead Guitar. If I don't say so myself it's truly a fun experience for us and the audience!
   Previous group to showcase my original material was Austin based band "Pier Branch", which endured several different lineup changes.  Lots of good memories!  A reunion show is always possible!

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