mark denny preston

It gives me such satisfaction and joy to express those emotions and feelings that for me can only be conveyed through song.  I hope that my music does the same for you.

Welcome to My Website!

I couldn't be more pleased that you've found my personal website!


This is my official website, created for all interested to keep up with my musical happenings. I've been blessed to create music with some very talented co-writers and musicians. Besides getting to perform Live for some great audiences,  I've been fortunate enough to have my music used by other Artists, and placed in Movies and Television shows like  "Breaking Bad",  "Saving Grace",  "Pawn Stars",  "American Pickers" to name a few.


I'll try to keep the information on this site current, topical, and fun.  So peruse at your leisure and check back often — you never know when something fun is going to pop up here for your music enjoyment! I'm honored that you're joining me!

A Few Tunes

The Devil's Backbone
A song describing some Central Texas Folklore. Enjoy!

My Good Thing's Gone
Used on TV show "Breaking Bad".

City Of Fallen Angels
Written for a Movie Pitch about the Dark Side of L.A.

I'm Gonna Know
Moral lesson that's important to me.